Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating and wooden floors!

It has become increasingly common to heat a room or complete homes with underfloor heating. As houses become better insulated the possibility of installing a low-temperature underfloor heating system becomes a reality. 

When it comes to wooden flooring, a water-borne system is best. There are also good electrical systems today that can be combined with wooden flooring. If you choose an electrical underfloor system make sure that the supplier or manufacturer of the system guarantees the suitability of the system for wooden floors.

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Points to consider when you combine underfloor heating with wooden flooring

1. The room should have a relative humidity of between 30-60% throughout the year.

2. The surface temperature of the floor must not exceed 27 degrees C. This includes areas under rugs, etc.

3. Where the flooring has glued joints, the floor must be doubly glued. That means that the glue is applied to both upper and lower sides of the tongue and then allowed to be drawn into the groove.

4. The sub-floor must be flat. Max. 2 mm difference in height over a 2 metre length.

5. Always place a damp proof membrane between the underfloor heating and the flooring to prevent condensation. It’s fine to use felt paper or foam as impact sound attenuator. (There is also compatible foam with moisture protection.)

Suitability of wooden flooring with underfloor heating

You must follow Rappgo’s laying instructions carefully for every floor we supply. The instructions will say what types of wood are not suitable for underfloor heating. This applies particularly for Beech and Maple. These shrink and swell more than other types of wood, which can cause damage to the floor. This damage is not considered a manufacturing defect and will not be accepted as a complaint. We do not therefore recommend Beech and Maple in conjunction with underfloor heating. If you still decide to lay Beech or Maple flooring, Rappgo will disclaim liability for any damage that occurs.

It is important that the surface temperature of the floor does not exceed 27°C and that the relative air humidity lies between 30 and 60%.

If you follow our floor laying instructions carefully – where we supply more detailed information about underfloor heating, our flooring will function perfectly in combination with a suitable underfloor heating system. 

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