A gastro hotel in the heart of Småland!

Project Information

Object: PM & Vänner Hotel
Place: Växjö, Sverige
Architect: Jonas Lindvall
Room: 74
Year built: 2014
Located in Växjö, in the heart of Småland, you will find the PM Hotel – certainly something “extraordinary” that the French would say. The decor of the hotel reflects the philosophy of forest, meadow and lake with material choices such as Eastern limestone and wide plank floors in the oak of the dark forests.

Foto: Åke E:son Lindman

We are extremely proud of the fact that we have once again been given the opportunity to deliver our plank flooring to a first-class hotel in Sweden that has a distinct international character.

In collaboration with Jonas Lindvall, who has primary responsibility for the hotel’s design and architecture, Rappgo has manufactured plank flooring with an unpretentious design and harmony in its structure and functionality. The inspiration for the floor is based on the cornerstones of Forest, Meadow and Lake, which also represent the gastronomic philosophy that will permeate the hotel. Rappgo has produced a white-pigmented oak plank, with local raw materials from heavy forest as the guiding concept. Plank flooring made from Swedish oak is often described as the classic floor, with full justice able to be done to the oak’s coherent tonality and beautiful patterns. Furthermore, a natural sorting process provides the plank flooring with a lively and natural appearance. The oak planks that are being used for the floor at the Gastro Hotel are 205 mm wide and are also equipped with the popular fifth generation click joint. The plank flooring will thus be laid seamlessly throughout all 74 rooms and suites in the hotel.

PM & Vänner Hotel - Rappgo
PM & Vänner Hotel - Rappgo
PM & Vänner Hotel - Rappgo
PM & Vänner Hotel - Rappgo
PM & Vänner Hotel - Rappgo

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Oak Nordic whitewax

Mörkaskog is our normal selection of Mörkaskog flooring. Available in all types of wood.

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Rappgo’s history began at the farm Drettinge. In this catalog of inspiration we tell more about our history and our love of wide plank floors. Be inspired by our products and projects that we have made over the years.

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