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Sweden’s widest plank floor

Sometimes a floor is more then just a floor. You can feel it at the same time as you step in through the door. The floor welcomes you, carries you on and gives the room a harmonious HELHET. A floor like that takes time to do. The material has to come from slow-growing forests with the right hardness and structure. Each plank is carefully handled and treated to withstand the tenses of time and everyday life. And they will become more beautiful over the years. The floors we talk about come from Rappgo.

Rappgo katalog


Over 50 years of love for plank floors!

Rappgo’s history began at the farm Drettinge. In this catalog of inspiration we tell more about our history and our love of wide plank floors. Be inspired by our products and projects that we have made over the years.

Rappgo utvalda projekt


Completed projects we like!

Reference projects are important for us – they provide an opportunity for our plank flooring to demonstrate its unique properties in beautiful environments. We hope that these environments will inspire you and awaken a passion for small-scale craftsmanship.

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