About Rappgo

A second generation family business

A Rappgo plank floor has ancestors from past times. We usually say that we have been in the industry since 1635. It was then our ancestor came to Sweden and started the forestry Mörkaskog, which is still the heart of our business.
Today we can pride ourselves with the market’s widest plank floors of varying wood and appearance for homes, houses, goods and farms. Wooden floor with timeless anodes, just as modern as now.

Deep inside of Småland’s darkest forests the farm Mörkaskog and our floor factory is located. The Rappe family came to these areas already in the 17th century. Today Rappgo is a family business specialized in form stable and soulful multi-layered wooden floors. Here we manufacture short series on demand and can therefore accommodate widely different conditions and wishes. Our beautiful wooden floors are in requested all over the world.

Made in Mörkaskog since 1967

We have delivered soulful and carefully selected floors all over the world for more than
50 years. Every tile created in our Småland family business in Mörkaskog has its own personality. Each tile tells its own story as we move on to you. The fact that the wide planks have become our signature is no coincidence; we want the shapes of nature to be at the center. Nature is the world’s best designer. We just need to look out the windows here in Mörkaskog to get it confirmed. Here we get inspired. Here we find the soul in our floors. When you are laying a Rappgo floor you will do the same.

A floor bases the impressions of who walks into a room for the first time, more or less consciously. The floor speaks to more senses than you might imagine: the feeling of walking on it, the sound of the steps, the sight of color, shapes and patterns and not least, the smell.

Wooden floors are scented and the tints between the different sort of wood and treatments must be finely tuned, but is there. A floor can be anonymous and discreet in order not to attract attention and instead leave preference for other furnishings. But the floor can also be vibrant and characteristic and immediately emphasize itself. You decide how it will be.

“If they can make compact parquet flooring then I can make plank flooring that is just as compact”.

(Adolf-Fredrik Rappe, 1967).

Sweden’s widest plank floor

What feelings do you want to create with your next floor? Will it give a rustic impression and create confidence in its dignity, or should it reflect the future and creativity?

Rappgo gives you all the prerequisites for creating the next wooden floor of your own TASTE. Choose between six different woods, widths of the tiles (up to 300mm!), sorting, type coloring and treatments. The combination possibilities are almost endless!

Rappgo katalog


Over 50 years of love for plank floors!

Rappgo’s history began at the farm Drettinge. In this catalog of inspiration we tell more about our history and our love of wide plank floors. Be inspired by our products and projects that we have made over the years.

Rappgo utvalda projekt


Completed projects we like!

Reference projects are important for us – they provide an opportunity for our plank flooring to demonstrate its unique properties in beautiful environments. We hope that these environments will inspire you and awaken a passion for small-scale craftsmanship.

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